mercoledì 11 aprile 2012

Townes Van Zandt "Waiting Around To Die" - dal film "Heartworn Highways"

Il video vede Townes Van Zandt seduto nella cucina del vicino di casa, il fabbro settantanovenne Uncle Seymour Washington. Durante una lunga conversazione a proposito dei meriti del whiskey, Washington dice: "People condemn whiskey, but but they have no right to. ’Cause when God created the heaven and earth, he also created barley, and rye, and if he didn’t think those things were good for man, he wouldn’t’ve let those things grow. Just like he created food for us to subsist on, but he didn’t mean for us to eat so much of it until it was detrimental to us. You don’t have to drink a barrel of whiskey just because it’s sittin’ in front of you …” 

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