mercoledì 4 aprile 2012

Soft Machine "Moon In June" - The Peel Sessions
(Words and Music by Robert Wyatt )

I can still remember 
The last time we played on Top Gear 
And though each little song 
Was less than three minutes long 
Mike squeezed a solo in... somehow 
And although we like our longer tunes 
It seemed polite to cut them down 
To little bits - they might be hits 
Who gives an... after all ? 
Tell me how would you feel 
In the place of John Peel ? 
You just can't please 
all of the musicians all the time 
Playing now is lovely 
Here in the BBC 
We're free to play almost as long and as loud 
As a jazz group, or an orchestra on Radio 3 
There are dancehalls and theatres 
With acoustics worse than here 
Not forgetting the extra facilities 
Such as the tea machine, just along the corridor 
So to all our mates like Kevin, 
Caravan, the old Pink Floyd 
Allow me to recommend Top Gear 
Despite its extraordinary name 
Yes, playing, playing now is lovely 
Here in the BBC 
We're free to play almost as long and as loud 
As the foreign language classes... and the John Cage interview... 
and the jazz groups... and the orchestras on Radio 3 
Pop stars drink each others' wine 
Plough each others' earth 
Hoping for companionship 
And then perhaps rebirth 
Plant seeds in fresher plots of earth 
Bound up in concepts and dreams 
And fears of worse things to come 
They never do 
They stay the same 
Music-making still 
Performs a normal function 
Background noise for people 
Eating and talking and drinking and smoking 
That's all right by us 
Don't think that we're complaining 
After all it's only leisure time, isn't it ? 
I could almost sing this song 
In a nice tone of voice 
If I had to, I'd be glad to 
It's awfully nice to be here 
So let's open the beers and get tipsy 
We'd be mad to 
But if you sound refined 
You just can't blow the mind of a kiddy 
Or a young lady 
And if you come from the sun 
You just can't fool them all into thinking 
That you're alright really 
So before this feeling dies 
Remember, I could be telling lies 
Now, I love your eyes 
See how the time flies 
I think it's so great 
You seem to change your fate 
By working and playing 
Something new in every way 
Can be yours in a day 
But I wonder what I'm really saying 
So just before this feeling dies 
Remember I may be telling lies 
White lies 
Half truths 
And just lies, plain lies... 
I shan't say... 
One more word... 
So instead... I'll play drums... 

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