sabato 8 marzo 2014

John Lee Hooker "Tupelo (Black Water Blues)"
(James C. Bracken, John Lee Hooker)

Il brano, tragica testimonianza dell'inondazione di Tupelonel Mississippi, nell'aprile del '36, è tratto dall'album "The Country Blues Of John Lee Hooker" (USA 1960 Riverside) ma è stato inserito anche nel LP "Tupelo Blues" (USA 1962 Riverside).


Did you read about the flood? 
A long time ago, in a country town, in Tupelo, Mississippi 
It rained and it rained, it rained both night and day 
The people got worried, they had no place to go. And no one taind the lord but you
Save me save me from the muddy flood

There were women and there was children, screaming and crying, 
"Lord ..... but you?
please ....
the country town,Tupelo, Mississippi 
Tupelo is gone

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